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Blood N Shadow

The Better Final Fantasy 4
Friday, August 24, 2007

Just like an old girlfriend that you broke up with and stopped seeing so many years ago (although it was a good relationship that just couldn't go on); Final Fantasy 4 brings so many memories... wow! I can almost shed a tear, and no, I'm not being sarcastic. Oh, yeah, they can remake FF4 as many times as they like, it's always gonna be GOOD! So push play to see the new remake of Final Fantasy 4 for Nintendo DS. I bet is gonna be just as great as the original was. Oh Final Fantasy 4 I loved you so much and I still love you! My old love from my childhood years. [Grown man shedding tears]

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Some of my childhood drawings...
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I created all of these characters 15 years ago. I drew these pictures 2 years ago and today I painted them. They used to be about 80 of these characters called Maniakku Senshis but the sad news is most of my childhood drawings were thrown away (and so 90% of the characters I created of Maniakku Senshis) by my father when I moved out of the house. It's sad cause I could've redraw them and modernize them a little. I really did enjoy my childhood drawings.

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Shadow People or Shadow Beings: An Interview (People Speak about it)
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Very different radio interviews and comments about Shadow People. I just found it today surfing YouTube. Enjoy!
For other pieces of the inteview:
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Still it doesn't seem to be complete... Sorry.

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Who Can Forget About Their Childhood, Especially The Cartoons
Friday, June 1, 2007

Openings from very old cartoons. Brings back so many memories... Oh dear He-man, Oh, dearest She-ra. Where are you now She-ra? I've been missing you so much.

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Un Video muy funny, una letra muy sincera
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Y es verdad, las mujeres se enojai por todo... Solo preciona play y disfruta el video

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First ten pages from Shadow People: The Novel (A Novel I'm writting)
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here it is . Enjoy!

Shadow People – The Novel (first ten pages)

It’s a long dark room, like a storage room. On the far side of the room there are two chairs. A blue eyed, brown haired man wearing some dirty clothes and with messy hair is sitting on one of these chairs. An empty chair is in front of him. Then comes another man, this one has hazel eyes, black hair and is wearing a black suit, shades, looking real classy and sits on the empty chair. The man in black looks down and then looks into the other man’s eyes, almost staring. The man in dirty clothes looks back. They start taking, but the audio almost seems silent. The man in black starts interviewing the man in dirty clothes and suddenly what they’re speaking becomes audible. The man wearing black asks in wander to the man wearing dirty clothes;

-So, you saw his flesh peeling off?

The man wearing black extends his arms to the sides and replies;

-Yeah, just like that… Just falling off of his muscles. I’m… I’m not sure how it all happened, but they… they just did that.

All of the sudden the first man stares even deeper into the other man’s eyes and asks another question;

-They? I thought you said there was only one man there. You know, all of this “mumbo jumbo” sounds unbelievable. I don’t think anybody is going to believe you. ‘Cause you see, I barely do. (laughs) Ummm… Maybe I’m missing something here. I’m not sure. Maybe you could repeat the story, I don’t know… from the beginning maybe. Shall we start then? What’d you say?

The other man clears his throat and replies;

-I guess, I don’t know… It’s not gonna make it any easier but I guess so… God, it’s really so freaking strange.

The man in black looks around (the darkness retracts, unveiling blood everywhere on the floor and at distance there’s what seems to be pieces of a broken mirror. Then the man in black goes back to stare at the man in dirty clothes and says;

-And yeah, maybe this time you can explain all about that blood bath left there. And yeah… that giant mirror story as well.

The man in dirty clothes being interviewed chuckles and speaks;

-Yeah, yeah… That freaking mirror from hell! Damn the day I bought that hellish thing from Harvey! That’s when things started to get worse.

The man in black replies;

-Good… Now from the beginning please.

The man being interviewed looks down, and starts telling a story;

(Breathes deeply) -Yeah, the beginning. Oh well, it all started 13 years ago… I was in friend’s house; Martin’s. And yeah, like any other night, we were listening to some Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the guys were smoking and drinking, and there was Siege, with his weird books and arguments about Magick. We discussed this with Siege before, you know, about that Magick bullcrap… We never liked that kinda things in the house. At least, not in our late night reunions.

The man in black laughs and interrupts, then speaks;

-Late night reunions, drinking, smoking… something funny about that.

The man being interviewed looks back at the man in black and replies;

-Yeah, we were only fifteen then.

Now both men look at each other. The man being interviewed asks;

-Shall I continue?

The man interviewing now with an assertive look replies;

-Yes, you can.

The man in dirty clothes being interviewed continues telling his story;

-Okay, as I was saying, at Martin’s house, Siege with his Magick stuff, but that night with all of that, he brought up something different. The weirdest book he has ever brought. It was called “Unveiling Your Dark Shadow”. It barely had anything to do with Magick. I don’t even know why Siege brought the book and he was carrying it. Yeah, he said he got it from some other guy, some guy called “Ryan”, “Ryan Liandree”.

The man interviewing interrupts again and makes a question;

-Why does that name sound kind of familiar?

The man being interviewed replies;

-You were in the music industry once, you probably know the guy from “Heaven-Hell Records”.

The man in black interviewing acting kind of convinced as if he knew what the other man is saying then answers;

-Probably… Um, continue.

The man being interviewed continues telling his story once more;

-Well, Siege said he got the book from Ryan… Well, Siege was being drifted apart from the group, I mean, you know, us as a group of friends and well, he was getting more into the Magick things and some really weird music as well, he called it “Intellectual Gothic Music”. Not much originality there but then, once you knew Siege, he wasn’t much of an original person. That and pointing to the fact he was imitating his brother Gary.

The man in black interrupts a third time and asks;

-Gary? Hmmm… (he looks straight into the other man’s eyes) … Gary and Siege… (he thinks through)… You mean Gary Silemon? The guy who slit his wrists with some broken mirror pieces, and bled to death on his house’s bathroom? So, that Gary? ...from the Silemon family? Too bad, he was only seventeen. A life wasted too early. Sad, nobody knew why he would commit such an atrocity to himself. So Siege is his brother; that still doesn’t explains half the story you’re telling but do proceed.

The other man answers;

-Yeah, the “Intellectual Gothic Music”, funny it didn’t have anything with practicing Magick, it was more like a Christian-Religious thing.

The man in black interrupts a fourth time and makes a comment;

-Yes, Christian in fact… (he chuckles)…It doesn’t seem very “Christian” to me, bringing a witchcraft book every now and then to a late night reunion, when God knew what you guys were doing then.

The other man responds to that comment;

-We weren’t into those things then. At least, not until that night. We didn’t care about the Magick at all. I confess we were interesting in intellectual stuff, or weird stuff but not that weird, not Magick-weird, not even Intellectual Goth. But that book, that obsessive book. Once we started reading off it, we just couldn’t stop reading. Getting to know what we didn’t know. What we never would’ve imagined to know.

The man in black interrupts again and asks;

-And what’s that? What was that you didn’t know?

The other man replies;

-About the shadow beings.

The man in black speaks;

-Okay, explain to me all about these so-called shadow beings and this time… Do it, please, with every detail.

The other man continues replying;

-I’ll try. It’s quite difficult to explain. Well, these shadow beings as they are called, are really one-self: the dark ego of one-self. The opposite part of the ego: the dark one. Although it can develop out of ego as well, not only the dark part of it. Anyhow, in most cases it only shows when the ego is hurt, diminished into almost nothing, turning that gap into an inescapable presence of paranoia and wanting to fit in. Giving energy to the invisible and morphing it into something with mind, soul on its own and life itself, still not separated from the host.

The man in black seems kind of confused, looks one way, then looks the other and leans towards the man in dirty clothes whose he’s interviewing and says to him;

-Wait, I’m not following you… The host?

The other man;

-Yeah, the host. Simple. One-self.

The room fades in black. The man with dirty clothes continues explaining;

-As Jameson explained on his book, the shadow being can become real only if triggered. And I don’t mean triggered easily, I mean constantly triggered. Abuse has much part in it.

There’s an image of a book whose title reads “Unveiling Your Dark Shadow”, on a black background for a moment. Then it goes back to the men sitting in the dark room and speaking. The man in black asks;


The other man replies;

-Yeah, abuse. As in abusive childhood: abusive life. Anyhow, the shadow essence can be formed in two ways and by two ways. First; the light ego, the belief, the faith, whatever holds you to believe. To believe in what? Most times could be whatever; I mean, God, Satan, whatever your vision of a supreme being is. That belief, that faith; that energy can built up inside of you, growing up stronger and stronger, giving birth to a separated personality. That separated personality feeds from the knowledge and the conscious of recognizing that you could be the only standing up from what’s hidden underneath your spirit self; that psyche still sleeping. Once that psyche is awakened, your spirit self begins to grow aware of its self consciousness of various capabilities, such as, being capable to face certain spiritual aspects, “things”, in life.

The man in black asks again;


The man being interviewed answers;

-It’s hard, but I’ll try to explain it even more clearly. These “things” and “entities” as I prefer to call most of them, some are, well, spirits from heaven, but that’s only sometimes, but mostly from spirits from hell…

The man in black keeps asking;

-Spirits from hell? That’s sounds like some wacko crap from Sunday School. (he chuckles) He, he, he… Sorry.

The man being interviewed;

-Yeah, spirits from hell, beings from hell, other shadow beings… the dark shadow beings; the dark-ego beings. This ego is based on disturbed human emotions… the hate, the anger, the frustrations, the need for revenge, the need for some justice that’s far from being justifiable. The one shadow that comes from an abusive past, initiates from there. It’s the counterpart of the light ego shadow, and it’s as powerful if not more destructive side of them both.

The man in black asks in suspicion;

-Destructive how?

The other man replies;

-The power to destroy one’s mind.

The man in black asks in irony;

-Destroy one’s mind? (he laughs)… You’re kidding right?

The other man seriously replies;

-I wish I was… If you destroy the mind, the entire base system, the one that controls it all, if the whole body dies; then the person dies.

The man in black looks somehow confused and says;

-Let’s say… Supposedly I believe this… Tell me, how can one’s mind be destroyed?

The other man replies;

-By distorting reality and mixing it with fantasy.

The man in black talks back to the man in dirty clothes;

-Well, I think, all that you’ve been telling this far has been quite such fantasy, fiction of your distorted imagination.

The man in dirty clothes looks back down to the floor and replies;

-Sometimes I do wonder… (sighs)… Maybe I should continue telling the events as they happened.

The man in black answers;

-Nobody’s stopping you.

The man in dirty clothes accepts the answer and continues on telling his story;

-So as I was saying… Martin’s house… Siege with the book…

Fades to black. Outside, on the side of the street, there’s huge bricked house. It is Martin’s House and there are four people in it. These four people are William, Norm, Michael (friends of Martin) and Martin himself. Martin’s parents are out for some unknown reason and might probably come late. Now in the house; Martin and his friends are hanging out; they’re drinking and smoking, and there’s some Pink Floyd music playing on the background. Michael, who seems the most serious of them all is there in the middle of them and speaks;

-So you guys know just what happened to Anthony?

Norm; the “dangerous” one, who loves dares and never seems to be scared of anything holding a drink on his left hand asks to Michael;

-No. What happened, dude?

Michael replies to Norm while looking at the other two people in the room;

-Now, this guy is really crazy, man. He tattooed… (makes a pause) listen to this… he tattooed all over his neck… I dunno, some design of some snake… you know this guy is all into that Heavy-Metal B.S.

Martin; not so much of a serious guy, kind of organized (but not as much as Norm), wearing glasses, kind of nerdy, addresses to anyone in the room and speaks;

-We all know that story, Heavy Metal, devil worshipping, pretty much the same crap that Edgar guy was doing as well. I saw them both hanging in school this morning…

William; the smartest one in the room, a guy who seems careful with every aspect of life, plunders a question;

-Edgar? Wasn’t he expelled?

Martin replies;

-Supposedly, I’m sure, maybe he bribed the dean…

Norm interrupts by bursting in laugh

Martin says;

-Hey, it could have happened…

Norm being sarcastic;

-Yeah, this and what other universe? Those guys hate each other… And not speak about each other’s guts… Man, they are really stubborn.

Michael speaks;

-But I think the dean is even more stubborn

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.


-That’s probably Siege

Norm speaks;

-Dude, why do you keep inviting Siege?

William directs to Norm and speaks;

-Come on, man… Please… shhhh!

Martin opens the door and Siege enters the house

Martin welcomes Siege;

-Hi, Siege.

Siege replies;

-Hi, Martin. (he looks at William, Norm and Michael and directs at them)… Hi, guys.

William, Norm and Michael answer;


Norm directs at Siege;

-So what’s up, Siege?

Siege all excited;

-You guys aren’t gonna believe what I just found!

Norm (looking away) says;

-What? Some more Magick books or some of that weird music you listen to?

Siege replies;

-No, (he chuckles), even better… (takes out a book)… This!

Everyone looks at the book and Norm speaks at Siege;

-See, more Magick books (then looks away again)

Siege answers;

-It’s not a Magick book, you imbecile… It’s a book about Shadow beings.

William asks;

-Shadow beings?

Siege replies;

-Yeah, the book is called “Unveiling Your Dark Shadow”; it’s about the birth of Shadow beings.

Martin interrupts;

-Yeah, I think I heard something from Edgar…

Norm interrupts Martin and looks at him saying;

-…And since when you and Edgar become friends (suddenly looks at Siege)… And where did you get that from Siege? Don’t tell it was from Edgar as well, or Anthony. Don’t tell me, you’re falling for that gothic crap again…

Siege replies;

-No, Norm. I’m not falling for any gothic crap as you say… and what’s with you and Goths? You don’t seem to like them very much.

Norm says;

-To me they’re a bunch of moronic people who follow the “darkness”… as if that was possible. Bunch of Satan worshippers!

Siege talks back;

-They are not Satan worshippers!

Martin interrupts;

-Some of they are!

Michael continues;

-And some of them are Atheists.

Siege replies;

-God! You guys are so close-minded at times. That’s where you guys are wrong about Goths, they’re not Satan worshippers and they’re certainly not Atheist, most of them acknowledge the existence of God and Satan… they just decide not to follow anyone, not to give it any importance to a Deity, at least not in a worshipping way. Cause in fact, most of them, well, they wanna be gods themselves…

William plunders in, thinks a while and replies;

-There you are right!

Norm interrupts;


Siege continues;

-…And they are the ones who wish to be worship and all of that. And, hmmm… That’s where the Shadow part takes place… And to answer your question Norm, it wasn’t from either Edgar or Anthony that I got this book from. It was from someone else. (Siege smiles) You guys aren’t going to believe whom I just met a few hours ago. (Everyone stares in wonder at Siege)… I just met Ryan… Ryan Liandree, from “Opium Dead”

Michael interrupts;

-You mean you just met Ryan Liandree, the Ryan Liandree? The lead singer of “Opium Dead”

Siege with a smile;

-Huhumm, I did.

Norm, looking kind of scared asks;

-(Clears throat) And where did you meet him?

Siege replies;

-In the “Infinite Books House”. I was looking for some Magick book, when all of the sudden I stumbled across him.

Michael directs to Siege;

-Just like that…?

Siege answers;

-Just like that, like he appeared all of the sudden.

Norm looks at Michael and speaks;

-Well, we all know that guy is creeeeepy.

Michael asks Norm;

-What? You scared now?

Norm replies;

-No… hehehe… (looks at Siege)…so what happened then Siege?

Siege continues conversation;

-Not much… We spoke and I told him how much I loved his music and stuff and well he was just there smiling, being nice to me, and well gave me the book… the one you see here and he just told me to read and that I was surely going to like it. Then with nothing else to say, he smiled again and left, not before handing the book to me.

Martin asks Siege;

-Weird, so have you read it?

Siege replies;

-Yes, and it’s pretty good. Quite intellectual I must say.

Michael speaks;

-Oh, I like intellectual.

Siege says with excitement;

- Well, you're going to LOVE this one!

...Here ends the first ten pages... so there! Hope you've enjoyed it!

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Neomunah Promo
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Click Play If You're Interested... Just Testing Some Stuff

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